SAN FRANCISCO | 201 Mission Street (Block 5) | 550 FT | FLOORS



Proposed Project:

• $172.5Million Purchase Price (land proceeds pledged to the TJPA for
construction of the Transit Center)
• Approximately 665,000 rentable square feet of office space in a
550-foot-tall tower ;
• Approximately 15,000 square feet of publicly accessible ground floor
open space;
• An underground parking facility with 117 parking spaces in
mechanical stackers;
• Streetscape improvements including the extension of a portion of
Natoma Street;
• Ground-floor retail space of approximately 5,700 square feet; and,
• A minimum LEED Gold level of certification for sustainability.

Next Steps and Schedule:

• September 12, 2014 – Commission to consider approval
of Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (“ENA”)
• October 2014 – Commission Workshop on Revised
Concept Designs
• March 2015 – Approval of DDA and Schematic Designs
• April 2015 – Payment of non-refundable $2,000,000
DDA Deposit (to be credited against purchase price)
• September 2015 – Close of escrow and payment of
purchase price
• April 2016 – Construction commencement
• May 2019 – Construction completed (outside date)


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Very cool building!


Block 5 is also under construction and looks better now with this new updated design.


Looks like most of the podium is up already…


Last week



With all the development currently going on in San Francisco the city is almost turning into some sort of science fiction fever dream.
I’m loving it


From a few days ago