PHILADELPHIA | Schuylkill Yards | 8 Buildings | 1,095 FT - 385 FT | 70 - 28 FLOORS


So with that news, it sounds like they’re finishing the Bulletin Building and building a tower that they bought the land for. This is Phase 1


Philadelphia is ready for its second skyline…all other major cities have them!


We need something like this down here in Charlotte!





So far, the park is nearly complete and they are beginning work on the Bulletin Building (3001 Market). They even said that the first building to rise, 3003 JFK, will start soon…possibly next year.


"The first phase will include the buildout of the park, as well as 4.6 acres of residential, office, research, and retail development. Sweeney said that early next year, amid the park construction, the team will begin the revamp of the Bulletin Building and begin plans for the mixed-use towers."


From mcgrath618 on SSP

“I talked to one of my teachers at Drexel today regarding this development. Her husband works for the firm designing this project. The Bullitein Building WILL have a screen fronting 30th street. It is likely that when it is not in use for a sporting event or a movie it will have some background and display the original Bullitein logo on it. The rehab is expected to start in the first half of this year. They are looking to start 3003 JFK by the end of the year. Apparently John Fry really wants this to happen.”


Im realizing now that Schukill may be the development that puts Philly in competition with Chicago’s skyline. A major event


It was said that the Technology Center would change the skyline, and it did, but this will change it on a whole level…I can’t wait for the skyscrapers to start rising