PHILADELPHIA | Comcast Technology Center | 1,121 FT | 62 FLOORS



All taken by me today!


New render!


It’s getting there! Thanks again, Thomas!


No problem @Wiggleworth , here’s another one I did today!


To tell you the truth, I envy you for living on the east coast. I haven’t lived there in too long and miss the cities so close together.
Anyways, great render and keep it up!


Great render indeed!
Good job, Thomas!



Great shot dude! I wonder why the metal bracing has that blue tone on it. :confused:


I’m pretty sure that’s protective film on the metal panels to keep them from scratched, etc. during transportation and installation. Workers peel it off after the panels are installed. That’s why you only see it on the newest panels.


The skyline from above in 2050!


Impressive and stunning skyline of Philadelphia!


This is a great building! Imagine a megaskyline from Philadelphia to NYC!

Sort of like this concept:


New render! Seen from my town.


Forgot to share!! 2 days ago


Hand drawn elevation of the very top floors by me


Just took these 10 minutes ago


You could just see the heat in those pics. Its like 97F and with the humidity, over a 105 F hear in NJ. Whole Northeast is cookin’.


Hell yea it’s cooking, but down here we gother some rain.


Oh I feel for you guys. Out by me we got hit with some 100 degrees and then followed it up with 3+ feet of water flowing through our backyards.