PHILADELPHIA | Comcast Technology Center | 1,121 FT | 62 FLOORS



Wow. The scale/impact of this building is simply enormous!


Fantastic updates!

I hope you enjoyed your trip, I’d love to take a trip down to Philly when I next go to NY, how long would you say I’d need in such a city?


Philadelphia has an enormous amount of history. A long weekend would probably suffice – one day for historical things, one day for development/skyscrapers, and another for the other tourist attractions (many museums, etc).


Philly is quite a dense city as well. It has that gritty vibe with its prewars, and layout.

Credit: Jameson Harrington

I hope the city gains more people. The thing is, the core is getting much bigger and denser, as this shot was 6 days ago, but the population is not matching it. I presume an influx of lower wealth towards the burbs. Lots of mid rise construction occurring. While its not a high rise magnet in terms of a boom, theres quite a nice amount of infill occuring all over.


Nice picture, Thomas!
Nice view and what a nice skyline that the city presents!


One of the best photos of Philadelphia that I’ve seen! It also reminds us that the core/downtown areas of American cities are well ahead of the game in terms of density, architectural styles and long-term planning. We just need more people to move back in from the suburbs! :flag_us:



Good to see some action going on in another major city :+1:


Great video!


Nice shot, Thomas!



From that angle, it has a slight resemblance to 175 Greenwich.


Nice. It’s getting crowded!


Slowly, but the future is coming fast as this tower grows!


Core panorama update



Move! That! Cameraaa!!!



Pretty cool!