PHILADELPHIA | Comcast Technology Center | 1,121 FT | 62 FLOORS





Updated diagrams


Taken last week from the art museum


I made this a few days ago



Nice one Thomas! Great updates ans I love the future skyline GIF!

I must admit, the core on this towards the top is quite different to any that I’ve previously seen. It’s definetly interesting.

How far left would you say the core has until it’s topped out?


Very nice pictures you add of this building, Thomas. :slight_smile:

Philadelphia skyline is really turning out great.
I would like to see this building completed.


10 more floors till the top out at 60 floors, the CITC’s core is at floor 50




I will be going to Philadelphia tomorrow, I will be getting plenty of pictures of the building!


Nice photos, Thomas!
And wow, we’ll be waiting for your new photos as well! :wink:


I will be going soon in under an hour, in the mean time, I made this diagram of the basement floors, podium, ballroom floor and the first “block”. It is looking at the south side of the building looking north.


I’m also going to ask for information like heights of floors, the height change and ect.


Great! I hope you get them, Thomas.


I never got to go to Philly, hopefully this weekend


I’m rooting for you to get this weekend chance then.


Some parts are screwed up, but here you go