PHILADELPHIA | Comcast Technology Center | 1,121 FT | 62 FLOORS



Amazing View of Comcast building.


Multifloor atrium every 3 floors. That’s pretty cool for the workers there.


Dramatic sunset today


something about this tower just doesn’t do it for me - it’s the shortest looking 1,121 tower i’ve ever seen, the massing seems all janky like when you’re a kid fucking around with legos and you gotta make some super long chimney b/c you got stuck with a bunch of crappy pieces plus the comcast brand name doesn’t inspire me - i’d rather this tower be 300 feet shorter, it’s not worthy to be sitting on the top shelf of the phily skyline


Originally there was a light pole in this shot






Wallpaper size


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That second photo, wow!


Spire glass is completed. All the glass that needs to be installed is the Western spine, the glass panels missing where the crane is attached to the tower and the West base when its finished



Comparison June 2016-February 2018
1st photo isn’t mine








Nice shots, Tom!


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LED Lighting