PHILADELPHIA | Comcast Technology Center | 1,121 FT | 62 FLOORS


August, November then December


Yesterday morning from the Sheraton.






The original Comcast center still looks quite imposing compared to the new one. Its that roof height difference. It’s a similar situation in Los Angeles with the new Wilshire tower and the US Bank building.


August 6-December 25


Bonus shot


Lawnside, NJ (9 miles away)

Gloucester City, NJ (4.5 miles away)

Westville, NJ (5.8 miles away)

National Park, NJ (5.4 miles away)

Red Bank Battlefield, NJ (5.9 miles away)


Close up


Nice shots, Tom!


This morning




Taken by me today (click for full photo)

Will be posting the album link soon



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Wow so many great photos in there dude. I really like the ones where I realized the facade has more texture and details than I initially thought.

I like the bonus shots of other Philly buildings too.


When I make my Philly trips, it’s not just for the Comcast Technology Center. I take photos of buildings I know, like the classic Center City skyline. Although, I did get good shots of the Technology Center



Nice shot, Rocky Balboa!!

This looks great.


Fly eagles Fly