PHILADELPHIA | Comcast Technology Center | 1,121 FT | 62 FLOORS




Nice shots, Tom and Brome


The building could top out sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving!


The 2nd cooling tower section has started



If NY doesn’t get Amazon (which it won’t since it didn’t offer any money), I hope that Philly gets it and builds a 1,400’ HQ!


I’d rather have NYC take it, for 2 World Trade to rise


I agree, but Amazon wants $


Philly has a pretty compelling pitch:

It includes up to $3 billion in tax breaks, which is of course stupid for Philly and PA, but great for Amazon.

It may be hard to beat Newark’s $7 billion in tax breaks, though. It’s infuriating that Christie can offer that much but still cancelled the ARC tunnel. :rage:


I think that if NJ’s bid were for the JC waterfront, it might win. I doubt that A will want to be in Newark.


I enhanced the photo


Amazon’s subsidiary Audible is headquartered in Newark though, along with a few warehouses


Not to mention this building is already fully leased




Top sturcture


The 3 photos were taken on:
April 9, 2017
July 9, 2017
October 21, 2017


Taken today


Can’t wait until this one is done. Really seems like it’s been dragging out.


Me too! It should be done within half a year


3 month progress