PHILADELPHIA | Comcast 3 | 1,121+ FT | 60 FLOORS


Longtime rumored tower, no information on it yet.


The possible mass of the tower

The site



This would be great!!!


Also rumored to have 1.7M ft^2, Comcast Technology Center has 1.5M ft^2 and Comcast Center has 1.3M ft^2

“The Comcast Innovation & Technology Center is under construction and expected to be completed by early 2018. Liberty Property Trust (NYSE: LPT) is developing the new innovation tower, which will stand 60 stories and have a total of 1.7 million square feet of space. Of that, 1.33 million square feet will be office space and Comcast has committed to all of it.”


Is this real or speculation? I’ve always loved Philly and hike that this is built.


People have been talking about it for a while now, Liberty Property Trust bought some properties across the street from the CTC



What is your source concerning height and floors?
I think we might wait a while for this to get built though haha


The height was from that SSP user saying “to be the tallest” and the floor could was in that article from Bizjournals




Saw this on Facebook, I hope it’s not true


Talked to that dude, he said, “I work in construction. We have information as to which job is next, size, height, prints, design etc. LF Driscoll is the General Contractor for most large scale projects in center city Philadelphia, I work for a subcontractor for them. So we get the architectural and structure prints long before there’s a hole dug into the ground.”


Another rumor on SSP