NEWARK | Riverfront Square Megaproject | 12 ACRES | Mixed Use


The biggest redevelopment project in the Garden State just got its official renderings released. The planned redevelopment by the Lotus Group of the disused Bears Baseball Stadium in downtown Newark now includes property adjacent to the railyards, making the total size of the project 12 acres.

The plan includes America’s largest timber office complex, as well as a residential and retail component with pedestrian plazas and open space in between. On top of that a 240 room hotel is planned for projects 2nd tallest building.

The project itself will consist of three phases, with the tallest building, consisting soley of office space, to be completed in the second phase.
In total their will be 2,526 residential units, 48 live/work units, over 2.2 million square feet of office and commercial space, a 240-room hotel, 102,144 square feet of retail, and five acres of open space.



Great find! This would be huge for Newark. I was already excited to see what they did with this space but this was more than I anticipated


the phase 2 office tower has my interest piqued.


Lets hope it rises soon!


The wavy building and the rows of building blocks make this plan look like it came out of bad 1960’s urban renewal.


I go to school in Newark and the last thing the city needs is another huge superblocks The urban design of this is just terrible. I hope the design of the individual buildings become more finalized and detailed in the coming months/years. Teachers Village on the other side of downtown is a great precedent