NEWARK | One Theater Square | 298 FT | 22 FLOORS


Great pics by West Hudson over at Wired New York:


Eighth floor:


Moving quite fast. Compare recent shots with the ones in February.



From the webcam:


From user ‘West Hudson’ on, taken just a few days ago.


From the webcam:


Pic by Brian Anselm for the New York Times. 1TS on the right:


Amazing photo from Nexis4Jersey at Skyscrapercity. One Theater Square is at the end:


That street is so different from what it looked like 5 years ago. I remember when the Hahnes Building’s first floor was painted all white and covered in plywood. And the lot next door had all those abandoned buildings and a huge parking lot. It’s a great change. Let’s hope it continues!

I also forgot I was in Newark yesterday and I snapped some photos!




The whole timelapse is pretty great


Got these on my way to Newark Penn


From Construction Cam:



From the Earthcam


From Monday


From the EarthCam. Doesn’t seem like they’ve made too much progress since Jan.


Actually, on the left side of the building, there has been lots of progress.




Think we can move this to completed