NEWARK | 769-781 McCarter Highway (Shaq Tower 2) | 33 FLOORS


A legal notice shows that the Newark Plaza Urban Renewal Company, LLC, which is registered out of Boraie Development’s office, is planning for the building to be 33 stories tall and contain 370 residential units. In addition, a “parking structure” and 14,495 square feet of first-floor retail space would be included on the premises, though the plan calls for “fewer parking spaces than are required.” The Newark Central Planning Board is scheduled to hear the proposal for the first time during its meeting on Monday, August 6, at 6:30 p.m.


Newark planning board OKs proposal.



That actually looks decent. It’s good to see the area around Prudential Center finally building out


Shaq claims he’s going to live in the penthouse floor of this building when it’s done