NEW YORK | WTC Transportation Hub | 150 FT


This was worth every penny!




Some photos from today


The entrance looks tiny in the 4th photo


Well, thats how it is. No edits done.




Despite is not recent, the pictures are pretty great nonetheless!
There are a lot more than these here!





That’s really unexpected and happy news! ^^





The 2WTC and Perelman’s PAC are next to rise from the site in front of this same Earthcam!










The E and R connections are still supposed to be opening before the end of the year…correct? Anyone have some information on that?


The main R connection to both platforms — from the main floor of the Oculus — is open now, of course. I assume you’re asking about the other two, which connect directly to the downtown platform. There’s one at the Oculus balcony level (just above it, actually) and one in the 4WTC retail lobby. I don’t know when those will open. I haven’t seen any work being done on several recent trips through. There’s not much space — if any — to finish, so it might be an issue of turnstile availability.

The new passage to the E still needs some work. I’m not sure when that will open, either.


Thanks! It seems that they probably won’t open for a while then…maybe E connection by the end of the year. I still can’t wait for the 1 train entrance to re open


They need to build the 1 station first. My understanding is that the Port Authority won’t turn the space over to the MTA until the middle of next year. Then it will take them a year to build out the station.


I’ve been hearing the E and R entrances will open at the end of the year.


Something happened to the skylight, I’m not sure what happened