NEW YORK | WTC Transportation Hub | 150 FT


From 2 nights ago


Holy Towers!
These are pretty nice shots, JC_Heights!
Way to go! ^^


Some nice pictures of in and out of the Oculus.


Nice shots, JC!


The skylight is open, I hope it stays open at night



Wtf!? I had no idea that the top opened up. Apparently it will only be open on 9/11 each year.

This is amazing. Great shot Thomas.

Also just saw this on r/nyc.


They finally put up signage where the E train connection will go.

Anyone know why it’s taking so long for this simple hallway to open?


It’ll be opening at the end of the year along with RW entrances.


Nice photo, Tom.



So perfect!
Both the Wedge of Light and your shots, Otie!


Nice shots, Otie!!!


The finished PATH hall looks nice.


What do those corridors all the way to the left go to? The museum? And BEAUTIFUL photo!


It’s probably an egress hallway for the museum.



The entire area shown in the previous photo is inside the PATH fare gates.

I don’t believe there is any access between the museum and the Transit Hub. Certainly not public.

The areas to the left are additional platform access. I think the elevators are there, and perhaps some additional stairs.


Look at these great photos around the Oculus that Thomas Koloski have shown me! :smiley: