NEW YORK | WTC Transportation Hub | 150 FT



:clap: Rarely seen details and angles of this amazing structure! Thanks for that, for sure this is going to be one of the most photographed buildings in the world… The World Trade Center complex is turning out so much better than I expected.


Great collection of great pictures of the Oculus, Thomas!
Great job! ^^


People were in awe… (THE FUTURE IS NOW)

08/17/16 2:25 PM

08/17/16 2:27 PM


Aussie connection to New York’s new superstructure



I gotta say, with the shops open and the mall fully operational, the oculus was buzzing!! The experience was so much more enjoyable. The whole WTC complex along with Brookfield place, Battery Park city & the Hudson River Park has made this part of Manhattan my favorite. I’m soo happy for downtown! Downtown is back in full force.


This structure is a masterpiece!!’

We need BIG’s masterpiece to compliment this work of art!!!


I agree, VG!
And these are impressive pictures as well! ^^


Thanks, Dragon!


I agree, BIG’s tower would be an amazing compliment to the Oculous and will add so much more as far as experience to the complex.


Imo Foster’s design is better and more appealing, BIG is great, but the tower should be Foster’s original design!!











The rest of PATH Hall will open September 8th





A window has cracked on the skylight earlier this week because of high winds knocking material down from 3 World Trade Center


Ah crap! I don’t believe it! :open_mouth: