NEW YORK | WTC Transportation Hub | 150 FT


About time they work on that entrance! They must be done the balconies and stairs


Wow, would you look at that?
Is about time indeed, Thomas! Nice shot too! :wink:


Yea, they poured that piece around February or March. Here is the reflection on 3 World Trade Center!


Holy Towers, that’s wonderful and beautiful!
This will be the same with (whatever the design is chosen) 2WTC!
Very nice picture, Thomas! Wish I could be in that hotel for a awhile and appreciate these views of the WTC. How lucky that hotel isn’t behind the towers but the Oculus! It’s perfect!


Lol, I’m not in New York today, that’s just from the Earthcams


Woops! But at least the Millenium Hilton Hotel have views similar to Earthcams at least. Of course, it depends on which floor the person is. (chuckles). ^^


Retailers opening on August 16th at 9 AM






Beatiful and interesting pic you found Dragon. The transit hub looks so cool from this angle.


Thanks, JC_Heights! ^^
And I agree about this pic as well!


Afew days ago, the west entrance of the Transportation Hub was sand blasted for a fresh new paint.

Sand blasting photos from @Sero91ls



It’s about time!


Unfortunately today at 7PM, black lives matter protesters showed up at the Oculus, screaming and saying what they want. They were obviously escorted out. The nerve of these people :rage:



John Boehner!!!


Retail opening: 9:00 AM
Plaza partially opening: 12:00 PM




I agree. People are trying to enjoy the Oculus, not hear a bunch of annoying high school drop outs and NYU students who think they can relate to the struggle yell out the same statement over and over.

And the worse is when they block traffic! Now, nothing wrong with protesting, but please, do not block traffic. Do not block the tunnels especially, which they have done in the past.