NEW YORK | WTC Transportation Hub | 150 FT


It will surprise you on its scale and beauty. One of those things that pictures can’t convey until your there.


I might go to New York or Philly sometime in my upcoming spring break


I really want to go inside the Transportation Hub


I thought I’d share this, since the catwalk on the Hub has been completed! Thanks to @Otie for the original render and Earthcam for the camera image. Otie, you were pretty close with the renders, nice!!



Great progress today, a concrete pour at the Hub’s plaza, the white blockades fore where windows were going to be are gone on the 6th floor, and St. Nicholas is in its first steps of rising with 2 circular pieces of metal going on the west side of the church’s foundation!




Alexander Hamilton should have name on WTC transit hub: historian




Is there any info on the 1 train Cortlandt station? I’m curious how it will tie in underground to the existing hub…

Also anyone know if they plan on keeping an entrance from near 7WTC after project completion? My wife wants to know :slight_smile:


Isn’t that where the future WTC Performing Arts Center is supposed to go?


Well yeah, just curious if they will have entrances there to get down to the PATH trains. The only permanent entrances I know of are the ones from the Oculus (4WTC/3WTC/Church street) and the long hall to Brookfield Place. There is a way through 1 WTC but I don’t believe it is for public use. From 7 WTC if the temp entrance at W Broadway closes, then I’m not sure how else you’d get to the PATH without going through the oculus. Which makes the journey longer, especially while 2 WTC doesn’t exist.


My photos I took 2 nights ago


Such a beauty, we sang many classical and modern songs with my choir in there around the beginning of april. The acoustics are amazing.


Very good pictures, Thomas! They all are great! And so as the Oculus! :slight_smile:





Wow, that is very nice, Thomas!


This is really good