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Happy Memorial Day


Didn’t realize the fencing was down here. Already feels more open.


Amazing shot taken from the Tribeca Citizen article.


Everything looks so nice now that 3WTC is no longer a construction site.



Wasn’t sure if this should go in the 3WTC thread or this one. Both definitely enhance each other from this vantage point.


MTA latest report from June 2018. Good read on the progress of the 1 train WTC stop scheduled to open in October. Marble, ceiling and turnstile work is progressing. Skip to page 30.





Just a few more months. Man seeing that sign brings me back :heart:


Bottom middle you can see it


Cortlandt St.-WTC stop looking close to completion…word has it that it will be opening in 2 weeks. Let’s see…

Entrance to/from Oculus:


Cortlandt Station at the WTC is opening THIS Saturday according to guards on site! Lets see…


Here we go gents…the opening is imminent. They say Saturday…


Saw this posted on Reddit (it’s a video hosted on FB):

Also saw this on NYCTransitForums, if anyone was worried that “Cortlandt” would disappear from the station name.

Photocred: Ray Camelhitch


Damn seeing that WTC-Cortlandt sign brings back so many memories passing through this station. It’s definitely welcomed back.


Workers readying WTC Cortlandt station sidewalk access to elevator and stairs:

From Earthcam.


Interesting. Would anybody be able to draw the outline of the performance art center from the uncropped Earthcam shot? I’m having a hard time visualizing it. So the elevator is outside the PAC?


Thomas K. posted this a few weeks ago…the elevator sits right outside the PAC with the sidewalk extending around it. Similar to the one at 30 Park Place. Hopefully when they build the permanent sidewalks around the elevator it’ll look a little nicer…


Oh I see. Must have missed that. Thanks. I didn’t realize that 2WTC’s sidewalk footprint goes out further.


Yeah it’s weird. The current “sidewalk” west of 2WTC is inside the footprint of the building. You’re walking between giant vertical steel beams. I wish they’d leave the street open to pedestrians. The pedestrian space is desperately needed, and there are so few vehicles that it can’t be a legitimate safety issue.

For that matter, I don’t understand why there are stoplights or curbs at all within the WTC security perimeter. Surely stop signs would be sufficient for the tiny number of vehicles permitted on campus, and a curb-less design would be vastly more pedestrian-friendly.