NEW YORK | WTC Transportation Hub | 150 FT


Looks like the finishing touches are taking shape at the R W train entrances at the Oculus and 4 WTC. This should definitely be opening before the end of the year…hopefully…

From skyscrapercity member robbie42:

R train entrance to Oculus:

R train entrance to 4 WTC concourse:


R/W entrances from 2 WTC, 4 WTC and Oculus are now open!


Fare Free Connection from One Liberty Plaza to Trade Center has returned!


MTA states the 1 Train at the Trade Center is set to reopen in October…I won’t hold my breath but this would be fabulous if true.


New article on the 1 train. Seems this is actually set to open in October. Finally.


Is there anything else that has yet to be opened?


Been looking for renderings of the new Cortlandt station, but to no avail


This will be the last infrastructure project to open. Everything else has officially been open and complete in terms of transportation.





and it looks awful up close, in person.


Yeah looks great from a far… but looking at the craftsmanship up close is a disappointing experience.


Hot takes


I absolutely love it.

I’ve decided that 1000 Museum should have been built next to it, so that we feel like we’ve entered the set of Aliens.




Appears the Oculus is getting a touch up on paint. Thank god because the Church Street side was looking rough with chips of paint missing…


This time of year is the big spring cleaning time for the WTC


Now that’s something we’ve all been waiting for