NEW YORK | WTC Transportation Hub | 150 FT


Taken yesterday


this looks good in pictures! in person it looks like a patched up disaster! i was so sad about it!


It desperately needs a new paint job or something of that sort.


Really??? I was there with a group April of 2016 and everyone found it beautiful and awe inspiring. It also seemed flawless to me! What kind of problems are there?


I love this thing, but these photos I took in August shows the problem:


I agree that it does appear to have been rushed (which it was during the final stages). The rafters could clearly use a few more coats of paint and you can see the individual segments where steel was welded at the ends of the Oculus.


The design is lovely; it’s the execution that’s lacking. From a distance — or standing in the center — it’s gorgeous. But get close to any part of it, and the details are atrocious. There’s just terrible craftsmanship all around. Bad welds, bad fireproofing, bad paint, ill-fitting fixtures, ill-fitting & blotchy ceiling panels, leaks, and a poorly-sealed marble floor that’s already covered in gross yellow stains.

And frankly, the design, while pretty, has numerous practical issues. The architecture has a lot of areas that need constant cleaning, but are nearly impossible to clean. Sure enough, it’s already looking filthy. I won’t get into the many stupid layout issues.


Shortly after the incident


That’s extremely sad.

It’s absolutely nothing next to the tragedy of this attempted suicide, but I hope this doesn’t become a thing. If suicides force the PA / Westfield to put up higher barriers, it will really ruin the beauty of this space, and that’s pretty much all this controversial building has going for it.


I noticed the shoddy craftsmanship as well and it’s clear that maintenance was a complete afterthought for this design despite the relentless foot traffic the place gets… Kinda curious what it will look like in 20 years or so…


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I agree, Robert. The overwhelming majority of people find it to be stunning. I do.


The Oculus is open… (from earthcam)


Awesome. Is today the only day it is open or do they open it up for a couple days before and after 9/11? Might have to try to get over there after work if possible.



Yup, today is the only day…annually. But they did open it when the mall opened and street level plaza opened





Great shot, Arch!!