NEW YORK | WTC Transportation Hub | 150 FT


Welp, according to the Downtown Alliance quarterly report, the entrance to the R train will open closer to the end of this year. Also, the entrance to the 1 train will not be opening until the middle of next year. Which is strange because they’ve taken down signage from the entrance to reveal the new glass doors so I assumed we were closer. Oh well, as expected every thing takes 1,000 years to finish here.


Any ideas on what the plywood is for on the South Plaza? More and more has been laid out throughout yesterday and today. Maybe due to base/plaza work on Tower 3’s side?


It’s used for stuff like lifts to travel through the plaza without breaking the bricks


Looks like they are setting stone down on the remaining section of the North Plaza along Fulton Street. Hopefully they finish that section off and remove fencing by sometime in the summer…


That building is AMAZING!!!


I agree, Robert. The Oculus is stunning and an instant icon!


How cool! Makes me nostalgic of all the events that used to happen on the original plaza. This begins tonight!


Photocred: @chamyoul on Instagram


Preparing to move fencing off the remainder section of the north plaza/Fulton?


Yup, fencing is coming down…finally…


This is true, @Sero91ls witnessed it himself too





looks magical!


Finally!! This is very exciting news…to myself a least. For the first time since 9/11 the farmers market is back at the Trade Center. Right on Oculus plaza starting Tuesday!




Beautiful shadows and light 5Bfilms. Is that your logo illuminating the Oculus rafters?:slight_smile:


hahaha - now that you mention it, it does kinda look that way. The crosshatch shadows are a trip