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The Oculus



Gorgeous! George Washington’s Church adjacent to a stunning, ultra-modern structure.









Beautiful collection of the Oculus’s colorful interior, VG!
Great finds!


E train connection is finally opening next Monday the 19th…

Q: When the Port Authority will finally open the passageway from the WTC Oculus to NYC Transit E train WTC station?

A: The good news is you won’t have to wait much longer. The E train entrance will open on Dec. 19, providing a direct link from PATH to the E train, said a Port Authority spokesman


Those lights are just for the holidays right?


All December


Original E train entrance opening tomorrow:





Anyone know if there are to be any entrances to the 1 train from Vesey street like at the original complex? I’m assuming there will be a way through 2 WTC if anything? Or is it just through the Oculus now?


There will be street entrances at Greenwich along the memorial as well as through the Oculus.


Thanks! I figured there had to be. I figure one is the entrance across 4 WTC but I’m assuming another will be by 2 WTC




Unfortunately, there has been an accidentally death in the Oculus today…

From @Sero91ls “She fell 30 feet hit the marble” “Yep she was trying to reach for her hat and fell over”

Rest in peace


Very sorry to hear that :frowning:


Oh no.
How unfortunate.


Very erotic!