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Lol god I hope not 2020! They claimed by some point this year the permanent rigs will be re installed so hopefully that is the case. You’re right though it pretty much looks fine on the South and East faces since being cleaned but you can definitely see the difference in certain lighting between the top and bottom halves of the tower lol. Those white chamfered corner panels need a good scrub as well. At least they are doing something in the meantime!


Yeah I hope not either – perhaps I’m being too cynical at this point…

Yes, I notice those halves of the tower too and it’s hard to unsee the lack of uniformity. But on sunny days it’s pretty awesome…
I think they wait for really pleasant days like these to get out there so hopefully we see lots of progress in the coming weeks.

I noticed similar differences in cleanness under lighting at 10 HY so at least its not just a WTC problem

EDIT: the reason why I’m so cynical about this is because I have seen rooftop photos and they have made no progress since somehow removing the old rigs


Lol its hard not to be cynical with this complex at this point so I get it!

Honestly this part of the reason I’m not a fan of all glass skyscrapers, especially one the size of 1WTC. It just needs one good uniform cleaning and then it will be easier going forward to not have so many blotches of clean and dirty windows. One of the best features on the twins were the automatic window washing machines (granted the facade of the twins essentially hid the windows so unless you worked there you could never really tell if they were dirty or not). I have no clue how in 2018 and 4 billion dollars later that this tower does not have top of the line cleaning equipment.

Yeah I am wondering what the deal is with that. I thought I read somewhere they planned on working on it this summer but I could be wrong. I just don’t get the hold up. Tenants pay for clean windows and good views in this tower. You would think they would be on top of this.


Totally agree. Hopefully, they will do that more or less full cleaning right now.

I think the issue is that the glass is especially sensitive to dirt. If you actually look under bright light, most of the older glass buildings in the city are absolutely filthy. But due to the nature of 1’s glass, the filth is 10x more obvious.

Considering those dirty windows got very filthy during construction, I think that the tower could actually last multiple years between full cleans and still look good, so long as its uniform.

The sides are actually flat. Not sure why they can’t create some sort of automated machine…

EDIT: it appears that they cleaned a little bit of the south side above the sky lobby, near where they replaced a window last week. So they can do it, they’re just prioritizing


One…(someday 2 :frowning: )… 3…4




I don’t think 1 WTC gets enough credit - it is truly an icon! Of course it’s a shame about the spire, but it’s still worthy of its place on the skyline.


It does have a large presence on the skyline in a good way but it’s kinda lonely both in its height and position in the complex. Unfortunately, One’s sibling buildings, 2 and 3, both got height cuts. It’s kinda sad, because that’s what made the old complex with the Twins awesome – the larger-than-life feel. We need 2 WTC to be built to complete the restoration of that feeling. Preferably it is taller than 1270’.



It’s really noticeable from the harbor. Even if you had zero idea about the complex plans, it looks like something is clearly missing:



Seems murals are being installed on more parts of the Tower 2 base… more sidewalk is being opened as well.
Also, new renderings are being put on the walls by the performing arts center.


^^ Interesting enough they included 5 WTC on this new map of the complex they posted. Gives me a little hope they still plan to build it lol.


Yeah… that’s a pretty good sign. It will probably be nice when it’s built in 40 years.


Does anyone know why it says future home on 5 WTC?


LOL the sad truth! At least we know 5 WTC is still a thing (as of now).


My guess is probably because there is no official design for it as well as the site currently being occupied as a PAPD parking lot, so people probably have no idea another WTC tower will eventually be built there.



Whoa, didn’t expect to see that! I have to assume that’s a placeholder design, right? Simple as it is, it would fit in nicely with the other towers; sort of a reflection of the 1 WTC triangles across the site.