NEW YORK | World Trade Center District


As I understand things, 7 went up fast because the prior building destroyed on 9/11 was constructed over a large ConEd substation. The substation was destroyed and had to be rebuilt quickly. As long as that was being done a new building on top of it went up too.


5 WTC will be the former Bankers Trust site. The PA has claimed it’s selling the site for a residential/hotel tower, but so far nothing has happened.


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New York City Downtown Panorama by Denis Gobo, on Flickr


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I know they neutered in with design changes but I still like how 3 came out. I feel like it could be an impressive stand alone building and isn’t just a space filler for the wtc campus


lets hope tower two survives the inevitable value engineering as well as three did.


That would be a serious shame. As a fan of architecture and development I’ve learned to expect disappointment from cost cutting or delayed projects. But if tower 2 becomes some bland box at half the original height I’m gonna put my head through this computer. I mean people are talking about foster design vs. BIG design and I’m just over here like I hope get either


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I agree, 3 WTC is beautiful.


Taken by me today. I like how One and 7 reflect the sky here.


Found this cam today:


One of the best views. Shows the dominance of 1 WTC. Will look quite epic if Foster’s 2 WTC (or any other design of equal or greater design) rise’s.



Photos from the trade center this morning:

Seems like it’s spring cleaning: 1, 7 and 4 are actively being scrubbed and 1’s transformation is actually incredible…

In addition to washing the north side, they’re also fixing up the high-maintenance base…

Progress filling in 3:

steel work at PAC:


This is an especially poor photo, but the 2WTC ‘temporary’ plaza is fully poured now – hopefully they’ll open it up very soon.

EDIT: something I forgot earlier:


Nice pics man! Thanks for them! Haven’t been able to get downtown and check progress out myself in a bit. Nice to see 1 and 4 being cleaned. I really don’t understand why they wont clean from the 90th floor down rather than from the sky lobby down. Guess we will have to wait for the permanent rigs to be installed before we see a completely washed 1WTC. Personally I think they should just forget the base lighting and keep them off. I actually think the tower looks better at night when they aren’t on.


Yes I’ve wondered this too. I think it looks fine on the south side, because almost all of it is clean above the sky lobby from before the whole saga, and I think the west side will look good that way when they get around to it (hopefully in a few days? wishful thinking…) because it’s pretty much clean above the sky lobby…
Yes, I do think it has to do with the rigs. The physics is already slightly terrifying with these temporary rigs, and they’re being aligned by guys holding ropes at the base :grimacing:… I think it may not be safe using those mech floor voids, and they’ll set up something new on the roof after they’ve finished the lower stuff.
Permanent rigs probably wont happen till 2020. Once they finish using the temp stuff they’ll figure it can wait