NEW YORK | World Trade Center District


I was wondering the same. The other buildings dont have it. I’m not a fan… as far as most aesthetic lighting goes, this doesn’t accentuate anything. The color almost makes it look like the building is on fire.


I think it looks cool but kind of silly. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the ice rink being open. They also decorated the pavilion to the winter garden. Wish they would decorate the Trade Center towers like they used to back in the day though.


Looks so random. I think LEDs around crowns should be enough.


Speaking of that, it would be great if they fixed and replaced all the missing/burnt out lights on the crowns of the WFC.


Those are the ones I meant. If they use LEDs they can change color on special occasions.


Happy Friday

I like the way the setting sunlight comes through One, 3, and 4 in this shot. You can see all the cores.

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ok, the facade lighting on the WFC looks a lot better from ground level. Across the river it still looks like the building is on fire.[email protected]/37985954404


I wonder why they didn’t do all of them for consistency?



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DTee by Ryan Seslow, on Flickr


High quality photo of the original 2015 render


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I incredible view of the WTC buildings at Dusk






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I notice it that I know new wtc site I see say One WTC, Two WTC, Three WTC, Four WTC 7 WTC but why skip? because I feel it not make sense because should be 1234567. I know before old wtc 1234567 and now 12347. I thinking maybe 6 WTC is Arts of Perfuming center and what about 5 World Trade Center?


I have two answers for you:

  1. 7 WTC was the first new tower. It was designed and built very quickly after 9/11, and went up exactly where the old 7 WTC was. So it was a direct replacement of 7 WTC. I believe it was conceived and named before there was any concrete plan for the rest of the new WTC site.

  2. There is a master plan somewhere that does include a potential 5 and 6 WTC to the south, but there’s very little evidence that those will be built any time soon.


The only building that doesn’t have an official replacement is 6 WTC. We have a 5 WTC plot just with no current design sadly. I’ve been told the PA often refers to the PAC as site 6 so I would assume down the line it will be considered “6 WTC.”