NEW YORK | World Trade Center District







Pretty good find, Emoglez! Way to go! :smiley::thumbsup:

And this part caught my attention!

“Greenwich Street is also where the last unresolved battle over the future of the World Trade Center is being fought. The city and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation favor the construction of housing on a parcel known as Site 5, where the Deutsche Bank building stood. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey believes the site should to be used for offices, a conference center and a hotel

Guys, let’s see what happens ahead to the Site 5!


Looking at Earthcam’s 2003-present ariel photos, I find this!



And here’s one of my favorite photos I took back in August



From @WTCProgress on Twitter
WTC Campus




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I was bored the other day and was watching an early episode of Family Guy, and there was a shot with the twin towers (the episode aired in 2000, I believe), and I decided to re-draw it if it were 2017


My version:

I did this in an hour on MS Paint, so I know it’s not that good


Looks good! But you got rid of the Woolworth Building on the edited photo


I thought from that angle, 3 WTC would be blocking the woolworth building


Oh shoot, nevermind!



I heard about this. I wonder what they plan to do…the “Memorial Glade” is not that big of a space. I’m sure it will be something nice…it should have the sphere incorporated which I know they would all want…the memorial board members should take a hint.


The area around the Trade Center is simply beautiful. A buddy of mine and I were debating on what will be/is nicer…the Hudson Yards or Trade Center…this definitely wins. The landscaping alone down here makes it one of the nicest parts of the city. I pass through the complex daily and am always amazed at how stunning our new Trade Center is. Pictures do no justice to these towers sometimes…they are HUGE. 1 WTC has the same impact as the twins, but even 3 and 4 WTC are monsters.


Wow. From that angle, everything looks complete. Seriously, 1 is blocking out where 2WTC and the PAC will be, so it looks complete! Great photo, StrongIsland!


Nice perspective!


Pretty great angle and shot, StrongIsland! ;D