NEW YORK | World Trade Center District




Awesome view! Do you mind if I may ask how you were able to get up there? I like how the view is nearly aligned with the Empire State Building/5th Ave in the background


This is from the W Residences of Downtown New York, but I made this using Earthcam. It moves at 12:03PM everyday




For this kind of question, my answer is “Yes”.


how can I watch the documentary??


I don’t know, nyc1.
My apologies.
But maybe it’ll be announced when it comes.




It’s pretty interesting. :slight_smile:


That was a good article. Is there any speculation about what the port authority is doing with the property where 5wtc was supposed to be?


Wished I knew.
And welcome to the Yimby Forums, GentriVacation! :smiley:


There is no current plan now. The site is reserved for an office and parking for the Port Authority Police


The documentary that was mentioned earlier about the rebuilding of WTC should air this Sunday, September 11, 2016 at 10pm on CNBC. From what I heard.


Thanks DragonLearner! And thanks for the other info Thomas and nyc. I’ll try to catch that documentary about the rebuilding this Sunday


I know it’s strange to post this kind of title on Yimby Forums, but I thought it’s interesting for you all to read or see. And I know that none of you New Yorker friends hated the original WTC, and also like the new WTC.

Surely, the original will always be remembered. :slight_smile: