NEW YORK | World Trade Center District


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I didn’t know where to upload, so here you go!


A crane has showed up on the PAC site! Possibly for the PATH Station entrance demo!


That’s looks like a good sign indeed! ^^


From the WTC Progress page on Facebook






Very nice, Thomas!! This skyline will be beautiful and impressive in the future!! :smiley:


Vanderbilt looks massive. Love the dynamic that 80 South adds in that rendering projection.


This post is in The Dragon’s City of Lego, but I wanted to share this news in the World Trade Center District as well! But I made changes in this post as well. ^^

I’m almost done with the plans for the Lego New World Trade Center. The plans and measurements for the site are finished, but there are still loose ends to be tied in this moment.

So far, I could finish the plans for One WTC, 7WTC and the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

In the picture below shows my progress and gathering the black bricks for the Memorial Pools, because… well, to me there’s no other way to build them not being their original colors in this matter.

The Liberty Park, the Church, the Oculus, the Towers 3 and 4 are still being carefully planned, so I didn’t post the pictures about them yet.

Even though is not certain at this moment, I wanted to find a way to draw and plan the Lego model for Lord Foster’s 2WTC! And I did it! But until the news of Tower 2’s fate, I can’t built it right away. And even if that design isn’t chosen, I’m still happy that I could find some estimates, learn more about it, and built on my papers. :slight_smile:

Below are some of the shots of the progress.
WARNING THOUGH: the numbers are all estimates, except for the number close to the original planned top height!

I will post the complete plans for Lord Foster’s Tower 2 once my cellphone is full of lots of pictures to be passed into my PC, so don’t worry!!

Now, about the other design, I can’t draw plans for BIG’s design because I’m having a feeling that some features or looks of the tower will change, even a bit. So I’m waiting to be sure, then I’ll start planning it and drawing it.

And I left empty spaces for Performing Arts Center (PAC) and 5WTC to built until their official designs are released to the public eyes.


You should do a coin flip for which 2 World Trade Center you should build, lol


Thanks for the tip, Thomas. ^^
I’ll ask Harvey Dent to do it for me! LOL!








From BQE


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Even though is not so recent, the music and video are still beautiful and great nonetheless. :slight_smile: