NEW YORK | World Trade Center District




God I hope they don’t ever build that turd :poop:


one more tower to go…

A new day - WTC by peterpraum, on Flickr


I swear that was my exact thought only to scroll down and see your reply.



I’m a little frustrated by this. While this will be a beautiful tribute…the fact that the Memorial Leaders refused to bring the Sphere back to the main plaza…one of the most prominent survivors of 9/11 but they will build this? Pisses me off.


Really? Another one? I get the place is a memorial but I believe everything they currently have is fine. No need to spend more money, save it for 2 World Trade


Uh won’t tourists just climb all over these? Kinda confused on the concept.


I think Liberty park is a fine place for the sphere to rest, however, if we are talking about missed opportunities, the fountain at the NW corner of 4WTC actually seems like a perfect place to put the sphere:


Oh yeah I totally agree Liberty Park is a fine spot for the sphere and it least it overlooks the memorial. That being said, they had every opportunity to bring it back to the original complex in someway and they failed miserably. I’m not sure how that was even a debate given the history of the piece. It looks awesome in that photo-shopped pic you posted. I would have loved it to be closest to its original spot by the museum pavilion, or even between 1 WTC and the PAC.


Made this yesterday from Earthcam:


Clients/tenants at the WTC Complex thus far.


And that doesn’t even include all the small startups that took prebuilt spaces in 1 WTC! The Trade Center definitely made it’s comeback!