NEW YORK | World Trade Center District


That kinda reminds me of the Cira Center in Philly


Hm, very interesting! :thinking:

I was just thinking… do you guys think it could be possible, that 5WTC will rise before 2WTC? Since they present 5WTC so actively to the public it almost seems like this will be the next project on the site. I mean tower 5 would definitely be much smaller than 2, so in theory that could be possible don’t you think? Less space to fill for an anchor tenant?!


It’s similar to the massing that Libeskind came up with for the master plan, just more fleshed out and detailed


Time to bring on 5 World Trade!!


I thought the same thing. There’s also a tower in Madrid that looks very similar.


Also reminds me of the scalpel in london. Either way it really looks like a KPF design.
I hope we hear more news soon on this project. It would be wierd of them to put up marketing materials now after going 16 years without anything only for them to not have any foreseeable actual plans here. Or maybe this is part of the PA plan to market the site to a developer at some point.


Source: port ny webcam

Source: St George Tower Live Cam



Desperately needs 4 shiny diamonds



I just wish it was taller. It’s too close to the height of 4 WTC.



Yeah those 4 floors make a difference. Might have been more; podium may have been taller too. I can’t remember.


Oh man, it’s so nice to have all of the new pedestrian space they’ve opened up, and to have the thin, permanent bollards replacing the giant concrete blocks that clogged up the sidewalks everywhere. The area around Church & Vesey has quickly gone from one of the worst intersections in the area to one of the nicest.

Interestingly, they’ve shifted the little pedestrian path next to the PAC site (Greenwich St from Vesey to Fulton) a little east, to inside the 2WTC footprint. Presumably this is the make room for a larger construction perimeter while the PAC is under construction. Unfortunately, the new path is a much tighter squeeze.


The only construction fence remaining on Church St is 3WTC’s correct?




I’m still a little confused why they placed bollards where you would turn onto Fultton from Church rather than placing those nicer looking blocks until permanent sidewalks are completed from there to Vesey. Unless this is another 7 WTC scenario where they placed bollards blocking Greenwich to the Fulton in front of 7 permanently.


The slim silver bollards are all part of the permanent vehicle security perimeter around the whole WTC campus. Only authorized vehicles will be allowed in, and they’ll have to pass through one of the several security checkpoints to enter and exit. The perimeter runs down the center of Church St. The left lane is within the perimeter; the right two lanes are outside it. To reach the left (secure) lane, (and thus be able to make a left from Church to Fulton,) authorized vehicles will have to enter at the checkpoint next to Zuccotti Park.

What I don’t understand is why they’re putting up traffic lights right now along Greenwich through the campus. Will there really be that many vehicles granted street access? I doubt it. Most vehicles will go underground via the VSC. Surely stop signs would be sufficient for the tiny amount of traffic actually at street level inside the campus.


I think the first one is from the new park in Hunters Point:


That park is now marked on my map! Great view!