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Permits Filed: 27-Story Tower Coming to 27-19 44th Drive, Long Island City

The first permits are up for yet another Court Square tower, this one coming to 27-19 44th Drive. Coincidentally, permits were filed for a 26-story tower right next door yesterday, and the buildings will actually be the same height, with both standing 282 feet tall.

27-19 44th Drive’s floor count will be one greater than its neighbor — and consequently, ceilings will be slightly lower — but the scope of the project is slightly larger, coming in at 124,529 square feet. A 2,124 square foot commercial component will enliven the street, while the remaining space will be divided amongst 165 apartments, translating into an average unit size of approximately 750 square feet.

Handel is the architect of record, while Twining Properties is the developer. Both 27-19 44th Drive and its neighbor at 27-21 will help revitalize a block long dominated by dingy warehouses; combined, the properties will add 280 apartments. The new pedestrian traffic will be beneficial to Court Square as it transitions into a prime residential neighborhood, and while ground evidence of the shift is somewhat tenuous, it will become very obvious over the next five years.

Nearby projects include 43-25 Hunter Street and 43-22 Queens Street, both of which Rockrose is developing. Those towers will rise over 50 floors, speaking to the sheer scale of the current Court Square boom, which will relegate buildings shorter than 40 stories to relative filler.



Another tower joins the under construction list.

The last time we checked in on the former site of LIC Auto Repair on 44-12 Purves Street a/k/a 27-19 44th Drive, excavation work had just started.1 When we checked in over the weekend, we saw that foundation work is underway, as seen in the photo below. Signage on site says the project will be called “The Watermark” with an anticipated delivery date of summer of 2017.



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This one is catching up to its neighbor next door.

From purves st. (On the right side)

From 44th drive. (Left building)



Aug 4th


Bonus lic courthouse 1 block away


And now some photos from this morning


Nice photos, and I found that building interesting, especially the way it’s colored.


Great article! It’s 100% on point. This specific block and LIC as a whole has changed drastically. I remember two years ago this block was just shops and no residential buildings and then all of a sudden a canyon is formed. NYC is great!


I remember walking by here 2-3 years ago and there was a man sitting in a lawn chair with a dog on a chain in the middle of a gravel and weed-strewn lot. The changes are simply phenomenal!




Still installing the remaining glass on the back/eastern side. (The right half of this duo)






Left half of the building is 27-19 44th





A view this morning from Court Square.

And closer on 44th Drive.


Nice photos, Way and JC!