NEW YORK | Waterline Square (3 Towers) | 391-478 FT | 34-42 FLOORS




Really great updates Tec!



Nice shots 5b


I was in the area this am and saw soo many cops and emergency personnel and was wondering what the hell was going on.




Great shot!!!



These are about a week old, but I think they help convey the massive density of this site:


re: cityrealty article: actually #1 and the west wing of #2 are topped out in addition to #3.


East wing*


D72_3944_PC.JPG by Richard Pockat, on Flickr




DSC_0335 by mplstodd, on Flickr

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West Side of Manhattan by mplstodd, on Flickr


The west end addition to the power station should come down. It’s heinous.


Which building is that?


This vista is sorely missing an arch to bookend this great architecture;
with the pyramid at one end and the arch similar to Silver’s proposal at the other, would complete this ensemble of post modernist/early 21st architecture. Just like Park ave north of Grand central is an ensemble of great modernist architecture and it just works because of its lack of architectural diversity


It’s the 1950s brown brick turd just north of BIG’s Pyramid. The original, eastern portion is nice and it might be landmarked.