NEW YORK | Waterline Square (3 Towers) | 391-478 FT | 34-42 FLOORS


This will all rise at once. All three towers.


One waterline square’s tower crane has been assembled.


Thx for the update , NYC.


The last and final tower crane has been assembled.



Lots of tower cranes up, and KPF’s eastern tower is already 1 floor above ground.


Great photos!

These towers on the edge of NY are unknown to all but those who live in that immediate area of West Midtown, yet they would be huge news in Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte, Denver, etc.


Nice updates JC. I like how you got different angles.


2/22. From west side highway


Nice shots, nyc



Huge progress on all three buildings.


Great update NYC!

Could you see if Vinolys building is also above ground?

It appears that Meier’s building is now above street level. And your shots really show off how freakin huge KPF’s towers will be. That double tower alone will be 1.12 million sq ft!


Thanks JC, Vinolys building is approaching street level.


Wow! The amount of construction in NY is amazing!


Nice photos, NYC!


Which KPF tower are you referring to?


This one! Just found this new render on their site.



Great perspective, and great pics!



Great pictures!!! Massive development!