NEW YORK | Vessel (Hudson Yards) | 150 FT


I already started producing some nice “The Vessel” Bronze key chains made from the finest materials found in Africa to sell expensively. Hopefully I can sell those in my food cart parked next to the structure when it’s built.


You got a food cart!?


Lol!! No, I was just joking.

Actually, food carts is kind of a pet peeve of mine. 1 or 2 discreetly here and there, I could stomach it.

What bugs me and I hope this doesn’t happen when the Vessel is built is this pic below. lol. This should not be happening on 5th avenue parked in front of the Met Museum because it just ruins things aesthetically.


Lol!!i had kind of the same feeling last time i went to the MOMA!
In front of the LACMA,in beautiful LA,we got amazing food trucks!..but i guess we don(t play in the same league!!::smiley:


If you click the picture and look at the larger version, you can clearly see the foundation of this magnificent structure (not to mention the progress on the plaza).

View From The 41st Floor @ L'Oréal / Coach Building, NYC by Steven J. Messina, on Flickr



Who knew only after 3 months of the unveiling, it’s under construction now!


Who knew indeed!
And gladly it started already instead of waiting longer!


I agree, VG.


City Realty






User ILNY posted this on the 30 Hudson Yards Thread 10 days ago.


Nice shots, Kevin


I agree, VG


Looks like the crane is back up and working.

Not sure what this is??


The structure you pointed out on the second photo is the ventilation stack on the retail building


The first piece is up!


Yayyyyyy! Finally