NEW YORK | Vessel (Hudson Yards) | 150 FT




What event was this? are they starting construction?


That was the event when they unveiled the design




Not sure if this has something to do with the vessel??


nope. just a vent


Changing of the seasons





I wonder if this thing will have heated floors and stairs if there’s a snow storm. Would be a lot to shovel.







it will be breathtaking!




the first piece is being installed right now.


The Vessel added onto this render


Excellent work, Thomas!!




Forgive me but I don’t get it. Tourist trap I guess.


Haha, when you say that I can’t help but think of a literal insect trap for tourists: just set some I❤️NY baseball caps on the top level and watch them get inextricably stuck inside.

Anyway, you’re not alone, I find it pretty weird. But I keep reminding myself that there’s really nothing quite like it and based on Heatherwick’s previous work, we could have wound up with something downright ugly. The sheer feat of engineering should be enough to marvel at once that tangle of cantilevers has risen several stories overhead.


…It is such a tourist trap that it becomes a symbol of New York!
I guess that was the brilliant idea of Heatherwick:every single city nowadays aspires to attract tourists.
What a magnificent parable!..(somehow very gloomy)
Uber should sponsor that thing while GAFA should have a chapel of rest on the top,Walpole selling artifacts and Marshall promoting organic donuts…