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Would be a cool research project. Although IDK how this next one could be done, but I wonder out of the world population right now, how many folks have stepped foot in the city as a %(stepped in) / total population (100%). No duplicates, ((1 individual over the # of people in the world) x 100).

To get an idea, maybe one way of approximating your question, and its more an order of magnitude problem, (precision/accuracy) suffers, would be to calculate the population every 20 years. Lets assume the average time that people tend to live here and migrate elsewhere. Add up all of the people (population) every year for 100 years. Than add the tourism figures or visitors every year. Will give you an idea. 1880’s and upward the city had a significant population. I’d say 1624 to 1880 are negligible, so adding the highest population before that figure as a buffer. The latter will require research, especially for the visitors or average day/night population.

Should give you a ball park figure (again, not accurate but an idea, which is what an “order of magnitude” problem is. An example is approximating the number of grass blades on a football field. You would use a reference, like grass blades within ft2, than factor that multiple in to the square footage of a typical 120 yard football field. Its conversion heaven right there.


A terrible time for something like this to happen. During the holidays and amidst a huge drop in temperature. RIP.


Wonder where they’ll land up



I’m still bitter that we lost GE to Boston.


side note: this reminds me of that great South Park satire on the issue where Randy Marsh takes a dump on the monument.





I can’t wait for this! Now I don’t have to beg my uncle to take me to the city!


Although still far off, this technology will transform our large cities.
In fact I wish there was another thread to discuss its impacts on development.


Something is happening at Vornado’s property at 34th and 8th. Since yesterday the tarp that used to cover the whole entire building is now only covering the building portion and exposing the retail

Roberts picture from a while ago:

A pic I took yesterday and today:


The Bronx’s Jerome Avenue Rezoning Takes Another Major Step Forward

A proposal to rezone 73 blocks of Jerome Avenue in The Bronx has passed the Land Use Committee, putting the plan another step closer to realization. The City Council will vote on the matter March 21st, where it is expected to pass. This comes as part of the Mayor’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH) program. If the rezoing is approved as expected, roughly 4,600 new apartments could be created, with 1,150 expected to be occupied as affordable housing.

The proposal has long been in the works, and has created with some in the community. While nearly 35,575 square feet of retail could result from the rezoning, it will also displace roughly 146,000 square feet of auto shops, warehouses, and garages, according to analysis from the Department of City Planning.

Melissa Grace, a spokesperson for City Hall, said of the project, “The Jerome Avenue Neighborhood Plan invests in communities that have never before gotten a fair shake. We’ll make major investments in protecting and building affordable housing, fixing streets, building new schools and improving parks.”

The administration predicts the market will allow for all housing in the neighborhood to be sold at affordable rates. They also predict that 40 percent of new housing developments will be locked as permanently affordable, combining the forces for MIH and City financing programs.


Looks like the buildings at 34th and 8th ave are about to get demo’d! The tarp is down and scaffolding is up!


Looks great Street!

I’m actually coming to NYC next week for a few days. Hopefully I’ll be able to take a few pics I can share! :smiley:


:beers: On the right track!!! I hope it passes.

Might be wishful thinking. Some are against it. :frowning:

= = = =

State Senate wants more NYC resi towers

The state Senate has put legislation into the budget bill it recently passed that would eliminate the maximum floor-area ratio for residential projects.

The move would get rid of the rule that bars residential towers in New York City from exceeding more than 12 times their lot size, leading to more tall buildings on city streets, according to Crain’s.

Some planners support the idea as a solution to New York’s affordability crisis, as the move could enable the city to zone certain areas for extremely dense residential developments with tens of thousands of affordable apartments.

However, the measure is unlikely to become law, as a spokesman for Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie told Crain’s that his chamber would not pass the measure.

But two years ago, an effort to eliminate the FAR cap did not even pass the state Senate, signifying that the Real Estate Board of New York has made progress on this issue with legislators.


More javits center work


This is that future new Target on 10th and 44th/45th. Foundation complete. Looks like they are not really working in this as of this morning though.


^^ What it will look like


This is great news. Now they seriously need to look at tearing down the FDR Highway at least from the Manhattan Bridge down to the Battery. History has shown that traffic is actually reduced when major highways are made inaccessible.

FDR Drive is a terrible waste of prime space that could be and should be dedicated to parks and shops.


That no-cars news makes me happy. It’ll make the park more peaceful.