NEW YORK | Various News About Our City and Q&A


I hope not ha. :wink:

Traffic is horrendous lately. More than in the past years. Yeah the transit pains are real though. Poor SOB’s in Penn Station… its like every day for them. Not to mention when the escalators don’t work, and its 100 F in some subway station.

But overtime, I think it will sort itself out. City has been through tough times, and pain is a part of the growth process.


More YIMBY drama.
All is quiet on the YIMBY News front.
10 days is a bit long for a vacation. I speculate the stoppage of news is due to the ongoing legal situation. Meanwhile Nikolai is still posting daily on weekdays at the original domain.


I don’t know where to put this, but I love New York. I just think that some of the new buildings being built are not on a level where they should be (few exceptions) Most of the new buildings we are getting are either large boxes or rectangles, not too many curves, like other international cities. Images are not mine.

For example: Cayan tower

Or Al Hamra

Or Lotte World Tower

Just to name a few!


Was just thinking, what if we’d get a twisting tower for 50 Hudson yards!? How auesom would that be?


I thought it was newsworthy to note (as I mentioned in the ‘19 Dutch’ thread) that the scaffolding around the Woolworth building appears to be coming down after years:

From Sept 1st:

"Brooklyn Bridge Park." by B.C. Lorio, on Flickr




Scaffolding is definitely coming down


Here’s some various news…

Went to a friends house in sussex, nj and watched the movie “dr strange”.

Did you know NY, along with Hong Kong and London have these things called “Sanctorum”, which form a protective shield to defend the Earth against interdimensional threats

DId not know that. Stan Lee was definitely a visionary. In fact. besides the NYPD, we also have spiderman and the marvel super heroes to protect us. People think Giuliani and Bloomberg lowered crime… nah… it was due to the fine work of the men and women in the marvel universe.


Space X launch pad planned in New York Harbor?


Are there any plans for the large parking lot right by South Street Seaport District? The one by Pearl St and Beekman St?


That would be great. NY as the capital of hyper speed rocket travel.


Sometimes I love the MSA sometimes they make me shake my head to point of Dain Bramage.


Earthcam has a pristine new live feed from the Empire State Building.


I hope everyone is safe from what has happened in Lower Manhattan!


Truck attack in Manhattan being investigated as terrorism, sources say

The driver of a rental truck drove the wrong way down a busy bicycle path in Manhattan near the World Trade Center, killing up to six people and striking numerous others, a New York Police official said.

The driver then exited the vehicle while displaying imitation firearms and was shot by police, according to the NYPD. The suspect is in police custody and was taken to a hospital for treatment, sources at the NYPD said.
The incident is being investigated as terrorism, according to multiple law enforcement sources. Witnesses reported the suspect was yelling “Allahu Akbar,” according to four law enforcement sources. The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force is taking over the lead of the investigation.


West Street is cordoned off from near 111 Murray up past where the incident reportedly occurred. I heard 20 blocks, so plan accordingly if you normally go that way.
I speculate it was a heavily botched escape by a deranged person after road rage or a hit and run. Unfortunately, there are dots to connect which indicate this is possibly terrorism. RIP to the victims.


What a garbage person
rip to the victims


We love pedestrian streets and one short stretch of Thames Street in the Financial District will be closed to cars and reimagined. Spanning a block from Broadway to Trinity Place, the pedestrianized street will have new lighting, security bollards, and granite pavement installed. The ground floors of Trinity Centre will receive new retail and polished storefronts…



I had this thought just now; How many people have lived in New York City since it was founded in 1624? Any idea on what this number would be?


This is a great idea