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AMAZING! We really are the new City of Lights. This is the 21st century! The Age of Ramses!



It really is the age. Stuck on the BQE in slow traffic, the majority of the skyline was visible, and I just thought, damn… too impressive!

And I try to find other cities that are better, but thus far, the search has failed.

It’s the gold standard for a reason. :blush:





Yeigh or neigh ? (I personally hope they find somewhere else to build this…)


For anyone who’s confused or didn’t catch the YIMBYgram, these are visions designed for Metals in Construction Magazine’s “2030 Challenge,” meant to showcase new sustainable construction techniques and facade types. Mercifully, no one is actually proposing replacing the Grace Building.

These finalists came up with some pretty cool concepts. The ODA design obviously calls back to I.M. Pei’s unbuilt Grand Central tower…

…which I always thought was a cool standalone design, but really ill-suited to NYC. A few detractors have suggested ODA’s concept only belongs in Qatar, Dubai or China, but I think it would actually fit in really well alongside some of the curvy 21st Century towers in London.


That one on Roosevelt Island!.. Yes please!!


Have you guys seen this new resource? New interactive 3D map of Lower Manhattan. Here’s a short video explaining it:

And here’s the map:


Clip from a couple of years ago, but interesting per say.

Now in 2017, as the housing program is becoming ever more dynamic, micro units could be a feasible addition to the various developments.



The South bronx’s future is looking up!


This is really cool. 3d Map. Development map. Tons of neighborhoods.


Click on tab to go to different neighborhoods. Can zoom in and out and scroll as well. Give it time to load though.

Some screenshots. Click on the massing to get info on structure.


Blizzard incoming!



Traffic today. As you can very well tell, I took off today. Not worth the risk!


DOB greenlights nearly 4,300 units in first two months of 2017. :smile:

Credit: TRD


I found this funny. This is not going to work :joy:


Yeah, it’s pretty crazy and funny





Ok, so I played around with this diagram of the Big Bend concept:

And then I took pieces of 111 W 57th and stacked it up to the height of the Big Bend, and they lined up really well

So with using the measurments of 111 W 57th, I got a total height of 2,162 feet

NEW YORK | The Big Bend (57th Street) | ~2,162 FT | FLOORS