NEW YORK | Various News About Our City and Q&A


It’s a close tossup between NYC, SF and Boston. Austin is coming in running though, I think it will be the USA’s premier tech city in the coming decades.


New York City Already Has Lots of Jobs, Thank You


For those that have a real deal subscription, nyc development map.

Development Map (3D):


This animation illustrates the development of NYC’s street grid and infrastructure systems from 1609 to the present-day, using geo-referenced road network data and historic maps. The resulting short film presents a series of “cartographic snapshots” of NYC’s built-up urban area at intervals of every 20-30 years history.



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“Over the coming years, we will push out the Lower Manhattan coastline as much as 500 feet, or up to two city blocks, into the East River, from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Battery.”


best city in the world!


St Patricks day parade. Via Earthcam just now. Captured a couple of things.


What the heck is going on today?

Edit: Never mind I believe its the marathon


NYC half. Plus St Paddy’s.