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The more the merrier!


I agree. That’s why when massive nj transit delays occur at Penn, its a bonding moment. 1000’s of folks crammed into a small area… its not congestion, but bonding!


I’ve noticed YIMBY has been publishing on weekends recently.



US came in second.




“Soft power comes in many forms.”


5/14 (36%) are located in NYC.
(TWA Hotel, PACE Gallery, The Shed, Statue of Liberty Museum, and Solar Carve.)


Dynamic population of Manhattan

I’m so curious what this value will be like or what the dynamics will be like in 2020. :smile:



raise the roof.


They should make a Manhattan population visualizer for music players on the PC. So when I listen to some Metallica or deadmau5, the roof is literally raised.


Via today.

I think it may be a little busy… just a little.


before the New Year comes the Astoria Borealis

this music seems appropriate.


It just signals the arrival of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to Queens.




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Some stuff is happening on 5th today?

Looks like they are blocking traffic. Something “rebellion”?


a protest. Judging by the bus, they’re probably about to be arrested.


Some data.