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Its good to see this section of waterfront become greener. Always was a gloomy section, especially within the underpasses of the highway.


This is just a proposal, unfortunately. Bloomberg balked at it, and I think Diblasio hasn’t either said anything about it or hasn’t made it a priority.

But he should, and hopefully someone can talk sense into the city eventually.


REW: No idea too bold in architectʼs vision for Staten Island

CetraRuddy principal, Eugene Flotteron, has laid out an ambitious vision for the future of Staten Island that includes everything from aerial gondolas to a sprawling tech hub.

As land costs soar, vacancy tightens and the population continues to grow, New York City is increasingly looking at how to create more housing and office space for its residents. And Eugene Flotteron knows just the thing to help solve the problem — his hometown.


A few years ago, Crain’s New York challenged the design and development world to lay out a vision for how to accommodate the population of NYC, which is expected to eclipse 9.5 million by 2040.

Last summer, at a real estate conference again hosted by Crain’s, five development and infrastructure experts presented those visions for each of the five boroughs.

Along the borough’s southern coast, which is lined with beaches, Flotteron’s plan includes a resort development and marina. The Fresh Kills area of the island would be developed into NYC’s largest park, while near the College of Staten Island and Wagner College, there would be a tech campus.

One of the biggest highlights of the project is Staten Island City, a proposed neighborhood on the northwest shore of the island near that Goethals Bridge.


Flotteron and his team presented the vision to the NYEDC last year and the agency brought them back this year to continue discussing it, and the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce is “very excited” about it, said Flotteron.


Steam pipe blew up on 5th avenue and 21st

Looks scary

thank god only minor injuries, Asbestos clean up is gonna be a drag.
Infrastructure definitely needs refurbishment


The particles from the asbestos could pose respiratory hazards.


they’re sparing no effort. All the buildings in the vicinity were evacuated for inspection and they’ve advised bystanders in the are to bag their clothes and wash themselves.


One Wall St