NEW YORK | "Tower Fifth" (Macklowe) | 1556 FT | 96 FLOORS


I’ve listened to the New Yorkers. Sloped roof, spire, 2,000 feet tall…here is my concept for this tower


I like it!


That looks damn good! …Great Job!


Updated the 3d model from looking at the most recent render posted


Too bad you don’t work for Gensler!
That’s a much better design.



Another cool rendering


Great renders. Boring design.


It’s just… so… goofy.


yes, you could be in the top 1% of architects today!!


Nice, and those are some impressive graphics you have posted. These online architecture forums must be a veritable treasure trove of valuable information for real estate developers plying their trade in NYC: what an amazing free resource.


Nice renders Koloski. I just can’t get excited about this one though :confused:


I don’t see how this could be a functional office building. The floors look like they would be around 125’x75’ max - around 10K sf; the size of the upper floors of 425 Park Ave.

Is there really a market for 80 floors of $250/sf boutique office space? Which is what they would need to get to make this building profitable.

I could see this faring better as condos.


As a marker for low the Singer Building floorplates were 65’x65’ and it was demolished because the floorplates were far too small for office. Though this is obviously a little under triple height, the size of the plates is worrying.


Thank you for mentioning and posting the Singer Building. :heart_eyes:


No problem, I take any opportunity I can lol