NEW YORK | "Tower Fifth" (Macklowe) | 1556 FT | 96 FLOORS


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for [email protected] sake, there’s an opportunity cost to building shyte, 1500 ft wasted
hope this doesn’t get built…or gets delayed 15 years

some day these schmucks will acquire better taste or, more accurately, realize that in order to compete design must be key not secondary


Personally I’m really excited about this. It’s way too early to be stressing about its design. The design will inevitably undergo changes. NYC needs to keep pushing the limits.
My only hope is that it doesn’t get chopped down like 53W53.


You trolled a troll


Could they finally go 2,000 ft? :man_shrugging:t5:


It does look EXACTLY like 432.


I think that 432 is ok, but two have two towers like it would be horrible. This design sucks.


Eyesore? Yea, my eyes are sore just looking at it :confounded:


Very disappointing.


I’ll agree that the design does suck, but the height and shear size of this baby is just…i have no words. To me, I’d take height above design. I know that’s not too agreed upon, but that’s how I feel. I’m more excited than anything!!! :smiley:


Hmm this reminds me of the Prudential Center in Boston:

Unless there is more than meets the eye, the rendering is uninspirig.


That’s true. What an utter eyesore.


All of this hyper criticism of this building is a bit odd. It is not clear it will ever be built given the zoning and permit issues. And we have no idea what it actually will look like. A bit of patience might be a virtue.


We hope that it is either not built or that it is redesigned, but this is what Macklowe proposes, and if his plans are approved, this is clearly what he intends to build. He’s not going into this process whereby he seeks approval with a hypothetical design.


And that’s what’s kinda terrifying. The tower in this rendering would all but butcher the beautiful skyline being created by the other supertalls u/c.
I’m praying a recession or a regulator stops this guy before this monstrosity comes up


If they are doing a redesign, then what was the point of releasing that render? Macklowe does sound like a troll


No standards in terms of design… that’s pretty gross


If i was the architect, i wouldn’t put my name on it.


There’s a comment from Nikolai Fedak (YIMBY) stating that this is actually 1,556’6″ to the roof top. The OP article title was adjusted to: " Harry Macklowe’s “Tower Fifth” To Become New York City’s Tallest Building By Roof Height, Rising 1,556′ To Pinnacle At 5 East 51st Street, In Midtown East"


Macklowe, Solow, how low can you go?