NEW YORK | "Tower Fifth" (Macklowe) | 1556 FT | 96 FLOORS


Can we talk about how sexy 1 vandy looks in that render?


It does indeed.

But with Tower 5th, I was thinking about this using 1 Vandy as a visual reference or comparison… that this Macklowe tower is huge. Surely looks way over 1 mil-sq ft. One Vandy is a little over 1.7 mil-sq ft, so this has to be in the range of 1.1.-1.4 mil-sq ft. If not more…

It just looks way too bulky which I’m surprised given that the foot print, even if acquiring additional properties, is not the same size as 1 Vandys footprint.


the article in the times said it was on stilts so i would imagine very little bulk at the bottom.


Huh, why in Tel Aviv?

Oh, I get it – because he’s Jewish, right? Is that really necessary?


The design is alright, but it’s still a very cool proposal.


The scale is amazing, the design is lazy. Let’s hope he can keep the height and design something exceptional.

Someone in NYC hire Zaha Hadid Architects for a project of this scale!


I’m not digging the tower so much, but I like the lobby and its view


And the aerial shot was taken around late October or early November 2018, you can see One Vanderbilt under construction and you can see it’s scaffolding, along with 53W53. I believe they intentionally put this tower in front of CPT in this render


That lobby rendering is misleading here is the building’s location via curbed.

“Over the summer, the Real Deal reported that the building could be called “Saint Stevens New York,” and sit between 51st and 52nd streets on Fifth Avenue. When the ULURP would actually begin is currently unclear; a rep for Macklowe did not respond to a request for comment.” It would not require the demolition of any of Rockefeller plaza.


Ah, I see now. So if this and 660 5th Ave were complete, they’d be right next to each other!


“The highest floors will feature a multilevel observatory.”

Tallest observation deck in NYC? Looks to be around 1,300 feet


Oddly enough… and I cant believe Im saying this… Im a fan.


I hope the design will be tweaked. I like the top section but everything else is dreadful
hoping they will keep what they mentioned when talking about the tower:

“including a tapered, stiltlike midsection that will prop up the height of the floors above.”


oh its accurate but you can kiss the two not landmarked mansions goodbye, the render has one of st. pats side entrances in it.


Did anyone notice this has like the same facade that 432 Park has, and it has a few open sections throughout the tower, again like 432 Park. Perhaps they ran out of ideas and made a taller underwhelming copy?


Maybe, but look at the middle of this building in the rendering. Whatever the heck is going on there? I wonder what it looks like at night.

I still can’t get over the rendering though since it includes a mostly updated skyline. We are so spoiled. I couldn’t imagine some of this stuff when I was younger.



Ka. Wa. Bung. Ga.

This thing is a monster.

And a clear shot across JPM’s bow.


I like this, even the lower section. The simple, square, flat lower section services a quiet introductions to the surprising ‘twist’ at the top: a visual build-up to and interesting and unexpected finish at the apex. I am going to give this my ‘Good Design’ seal of approval - for what it’s worth.


The CTBUH hasn’t added this tower yet, but just a snap shot of whats rising in the 300m category or planned/complete.