NEW YORK | Times Square Pedestrian Plaza



Pic by me.

Taken yesterday.

TS 12-8-18 by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr


not too many Santas. Too many police in TS probably.


Tons of Santas were near MSG and via 25th to 30th Street. I witnessed a lot of Santas falling on the floor.

But Santas helpers… o man. It was cold, but god damn… with those fishnet stockings and no underwear. I took my GF yesterday, but it didn’t stop me from looking… for science that is.

On a side note, god bless Santa Clause and his workers!

This years pedestrian gridlock was the worst I’ve seen in years. Avenue of the Americas was inhospitable. Wall to wall people. Normally in December its bad, but yesterday was just asinine.

MSG was insanity as well.

Also, even with the crackdown on the Nigerians selling the fake Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags, they were out in full force selling the fake bags.

The pedestrian expansion for TS has done nothing. Pedestrian gridlock is a very real thing.