NEW YORK | Times Square Pedestrian Plaza


Great video, Chris


Awesome video! Every time I see the old Times building I wish they hadn’t ruined it with that crappy modernizing renovation in the 70s





Took it from Earthcam. Some guy rammed into people. Supposdelty drunk I believe. They don’t believe its terrorism related.



What a mess, don’t do drugs kids.


Holy crap…


Biohaz team on site. Its the guys with the white tyveks


All I can think are those bollards really did their job… prevented probably a lot more injuries.


The crazy bastard was apparently not drunk, He was just extremely high on synthetic marijuana, only in New York. And like baronson said, thank god for those bollards



Truly fu**ing sickening. I hope the POS gets life behind bars. Innocent 18 year old girl lost her life.


Rot in hell…


I guess it was intentional after all.


Dude’s getting charged with like 25 different counts of attempted murder along with the one actual murder. No way he isn’t getting life.


I hope you are right, but your trust in the American criminal justice system seems a bit misplaced. I would bet he serves 10 years.


did you see what looks like a little girl ran out of that wreckage?? Thank god and it’s a miracle she came out of that.


Its sad. One women got catapulted like a 100 feet. I wonder if she was the fatality?

That Tennessee girl that died was so young. :frowning:


Time Square to Debut Robotic LED Billboard Later this Month

…According to a press release from the display’s maker, Radius Displays, “The sign will create a dramatic 3-D video experience unlike anything else in Times Square, or indeed the world” The client has spent more than four years designing, testing and fabricating the 2,600-square-foot display. Each LED module will move independently at up to 2 feet per second and the result is an infinitely adaptive and changing surface that will be faced with more than 1.5 million individual pixels…

…the sign will go live on August 8.