NEW YORK | Times Square Pedestrian Plaza


Every time I check the cameras its like there’s a new section being worked on. I agree, its taking way too long. The only time they seem to haul ass on sections of it are before celebrations like New Years Eve. I recall them working very fast, but outside of holidays, its the usual NYC bs of slow construction work on roadways.


Yeah, just when you think they’re wrapping up, they’re creating detours and havoc in other part of the square.

I know it’s the typical NYC slow infrastructure construction, but I mean this district is the most visited tourist destination in the world, you’d think they’d try to haul ass to finish this if they want to keep tourists happy and keep its ranking as far as tourist destinations go. It’s not like they’re building a subway down there, it’s just creating a plaza and here we are so many years later. So frustrating!

On the plus side, most of it looks done (and done decently) and the current detours don’t look anywhere near as crazy as last year’s!





I love street activity shots like this. Kinda like when you look at stock footage looking down a canyon, and as the pedestrians start crossing, after a couple of seconds, it becomes a sea of people. With cars criss crossing as well.

Here’s are examples

<img src="/uploads/yimby/original/2X/c/cb5e1ea1b054d991e09304fa5b9b1ab207102623.jpg" width=“690” height="388



NYPD following in the back


Broadway Blvd should extend to the Battery.


black lives matter folks.

Taken just now. The assholes are blocking traffic again. I’m all for protesting, but don’t block traffic.

They are marching north towards central park.




Its going to get a lot brighter. The DoubleTree hotel renovation will feature a LCD screen that’s only a 1000 sq feet less than the world’s largest, which is rising as we speak.

Add that to the recent one that put in place to the right of the pic. (By the Marriott)


If there’s any undergrounder utility that has to be relocated, then that’s probably why it’s taking so long. They’re not just putting pavers on, right?


I considered that, and cut them a little slack if that’s the case, but even if that’s the case, I still see no reason for, what, almost 3 years now (?). uggh. And this timetable may be fine for other parts of the city but this is freaking Time Square (again, the most touristed destination in the world).


UFO sighting (last week)




Is this that new Ferrari??? Sure does get the crowds going jesus.


Pre new years eve cluster fuck madness event! 12/30/16.

Bonus: 5th ave, 12/30/16.



Spotted a Lamborghini.


NYPD causing gridlock. on 1/1/17. As we can see, the pedestrians have reclaimed the street. I always wondered if TS will eventually be vehicle free. It kinda should be because even when everything is normal, the sidewalks, with the expansion, still have people pouring into the streets.


Nice photos, Chris.


Turned on Earthcam just now to find Donald Trump in TS



Blast from the past.