NEW YORK | Times Square Pedestrian Plaza


Construction Update:


Pics by me



Broadway Boulevard should extend all the way to the Battery.


Almost finished.




The holidays!

Plaza is almost finished. Looking nice. Plus some 5th avenue magic.

I don’t think the expansions to the side walk and the new plaza will be enough to contain the crowds. Even with the new space, its not enough. 5th Avenue I feel needs an expansion. Although I’d imagine just removing one lane of traffic from the avenue could have a cascading effect on the grid system in terms of traffic flow. But 5th avenue, with the sidewalk width of Avenue of the Americas could be desirable.

We can also see that they fixed the road. Comparing todays shot with the one a week ago. Also some more stone like material was added to the northern flank.


That is a MASSIVE amount of people. My jaw is on the floor.

Do you guys think they will pedestrianize the entirety of Times Square?


I was in the 5th Ave/Times Square area last weekend – people ended up walking on the street like that Times Square shot. On the other hand, here’s a bonus shot of 30 Rock:




Nah I think it will just be the Broadway part


They will leave the main road. Plaza has been a big investment, and has had changes since 2012. The idea could work, but I wonder how it would affect the grid system in terms of traffic flow. They would be forced to use the crosstown roads which I’d imagine can’t handle the volume that the main drag can. Possibly in the future if mass transit gets an overhaul. Bus’s are the ones that take up a lot of room and cause much of the traffic. Possibly rerouting taxi and bus routes could do the trick.


From today. I feel bad for those traffic cops. 8 hours of coordinating this must drive them mad.


Looks like some work is occurring where the Toys R Us use to be. Also the place where the anti semitic elmo works. (If you’re not sure about what I’m talking about, youtube “anti semitic elmo”. Only in NY!

But anyways, in terms of the plaza, and contruction in general for TS, it looks like a lot of road work. Been like this for months now.

Some more plaza work. This thing is taking forever. Also, causing traffic hell.

Look at all of that gridlock because 1 lane is closed or sealed off partially.

These are all shots from 5/(12,13)/16.


I hope the Nudistas come back!


From my last visit to Times Square on May 11.

The Toys R Us was reported to be split into two main retailers (gap and old navy) and Swatch already moved to their new flagship across the street at the Marriott Marquis retail space. No idea if they will display massive LED screens like that seen on the Marriott Marquis but they are removing some of the old billboard scaffolding down.

There is a small area of the pedestrian plaza to the west of the red stairs that is finally being finished with the dark gray tiles.

701 Times Square (aka Marriott Edition) is starting to assemble the steel frame diagonals that will eventually hold up one of the largest LED in Times Square.

Then the plot of land to the north (719 7th Ave) it is starting to assemble its steel frame that will also hold up another tall assembly of billboards almost like the ones seen on the American Eagle Outfitters flagship (low rise building covered by tall billboards). Developed by SL Green.


Broadway’s Pedestrian Plazas in Midtown Will Become Permanent

The public space in the Garment District will get a total redesign


Can see the temporary detour on the top right or the point facing the “south”.


Just spotted this now.

Yoga Nation!


We made the mistake of coming here at 10 pm on friday night… could barely move.


You should see it around December. Not just TS, but anything North of 23rd Street is mayhem.

Crowd wise, December takes the cake.

But yeah on Friday and Saturday nights it’s packed; more so than usual. Although in my experience, Thursdays are unusually busy.


Doesn’t look like they’re even close to being done with the plaza. It’s ridiculous how many years this has taken.