NEW YORK | The XI (76 11th Ave) | 400 + 300 FT | 28 & 38 FLOORS


What’s planned across the street, don’t remember.



Great shots , Tec


That one across 18th is Related’s 511-525 w 18th st. I think they have over 400k sf planned for residential. But no real plans or renders so far. I think the recent work was maybe “cleanup” of the site.


I expect that Related will build a showstopper here.




Nice shots, JC.

Is this above ground already?


Parts of the rebar on the nw section are above ground. Plus there is a crane going in on the sw corner. They seem to have dug down a bit near the caisons in the se corner though.


Thanks, JC


Crane is up


Very nice updates, JC!




Amazing shots, as always!

Is one of the two towers above ground already?








F-ing finally!


Nice shots, Tec.

So both towers for this project are above ground?

P.S.: Do you have any photos of Related’s Heatherwick project next door?


They’re from a week ago. Doesn’t look much different today, I was freezing. lol.