NEW YORK | The XI (76 11th Ave) | 400 + 300 FT | 28 & 38 FLOORS



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SIZE: 83000 M2
Partners in Charge: Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Christoffersen, Beat Schenk
Project Architect: Andreas Buettner
Project Designer: Doug Stechschulte
Project Manager : Christopher White
Team: Adrian Mans, Agne Rapkeviciute, Alana Goldweit, Ali Chen, Amir Mikhaeil, Chris Farmer, Deborah Cambell, Douglass Alligood, Francesca Portesine, Francis Fontaine, Hector Romero, Hung Kai Liao, Jan Leenknegt, Juan David Ramirez, Justyna Mydlak, Lasse Kristensen, Marcus Kujala, Maureen Rahman, Pauline Lavie
76 11th Avenue ‘The Eleventh’ is located in West Chelsea between the High Line and the Hudson River. Spanning a full block from 17th Street to 18th Street and 10th Avenue to 11th Avenue, the 890,000 gross square foot, mixed-use project is composed of two towers: a West tower of 34 stories (402 ft) and an East tower of 25 stories (302 ft) which are both set on a 60 to 85 ft podium. The West Tower will be entirely dedicated to residences and residential amenities. The east tower will be a combination of hotel and residential units. The hotel will be located adjacent to the High Line within the lower half of the East Tower and the residences will occupy the upper floors.

The geometry of the two towers is a direct response to the context. At the base, the two towers pull away from each other and the neighboring buildings to maximize urban space and views. As they rise, the towers morph and re-orient to take advantage of the best views at the upper levels, while also allowing for un-obstructed Hudson River views towards the west and city views towards the south, east, and northeast. The twisting geometry at the corners of the towers reduces the overall bulk of the buildings and create additional separation between the towers.

The façade design is inspired by the punched windows seen in the historic warehouses of the Meatpacking and West Chelsea neighborhoods. The façade patterning functions as an honest expression of the gridded structural logic of the building, which steps to follow the movement of the towers’ geometry.

A through-block street between 17th and 18th Streets will provide tenant and visitor access to the residential lobbies, with a vehicular drop-off at a landscaped mid-block inner courtyard. The hotel will be accessed on 18th street adjacent to the High Line. The project also includes below grade parking, a five story commercial building, and a multi-level retail space with frontage below the High Line, facing a public plaza along 10th Avenue.


Based on that letter, found here, , it looks like this is 402 ft and 34 floors and 302 ft at 25 floors.

Title will change to reflect info: NEW YORK | 76 Eleventh Ave | 403 + 302 FT | 34 + 25 FLOORS



This will be nice.

Steve Ross said that Heatherwick would design a building on one of his Chelsea sites.


Really? That’s interesting.


I don’t think he has ever designed a building so I don’t know how that would work.

Other than 50 HY, Ross has been committed to great design, so this should be promising.


Bjarke added more images.



Not to go too far O/T here (the new “Eleventh” renders look great, btw) but based on watching Ross’ Harvard keynote, I believe Heatherwick may be designing the small blue structure in the Northwestern quadrant of Phase II in this diagram:


Good catch, Marshall.

That little blue structure appears to be a sculpture/fountain.


Yeah I think it may be some kind of navigable sculpture like the Vessel, or a sculptural pavilion with a roof etc., such that Ross might consider it a “building.”



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This will have a unique effect on the waterfront. I think to the same level as Via 57 West (Ingel’s pyramid)

Kinda goes to show that height doesn’t need to be up there to make a big impact.


I agree!



That article mentions a skybridge but I haven’t seen one in the renderings. Is that a new addition maybe?


It’s relatively low.